Optimize your agile workflow with gamification

TeamNow is the ultimate business game to optimize team performance.

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TeamNow is the ultimate business game to optimize team performance. TeamNow runs entirely on data and combines this with gamification to increase involvement and strengthen the team feeling.

By providing insight into all relevant insights regarding team performance, you will get the right tools to be able to manage behavior. For example, with TeamNow we monitor the speed with which items are picked up and completed, the workload among the team members, the number of incidents and the interruptions from the business side. Then we visualize this in real time via the management dashboard. You can see, analyze and through this you will understand it. You will understand why schedules are or are not met or why team A performs better than team B. You are also able to enter into a specific dialogue with team members to discuss choices made, to uncover the intuitive behavior and to respond to this. send.

The game element also provides a great fun factor, which in turn leads to high involvement and motivation among the participants. For example, we have a boat race and aircraft game to visualize the progress of teams. We see whether teams are in good or bad weather, who has too much or too little work to do or who is not feeling well. We even have a Game Master that provides tips & tricks during the game to improve performance. All this from a virtual world that appeals to everyone.

More effective management of business value.

However, it is not just about playing a nice game. The fun factor of TeamNow makes it easier and more fun to discuss things. To give and receive feedback. It influences positive behavior, cooperation and the team feeling. In addition, the management dashboard shows all relevant insights in real time. The game is fully trackable. You can see why schedules are running out, where the delays occur and what the impact is of unplanned disruptions from the business. This also allows you to manage business value much more effectively. That makes TeamNow that serious management game for companies and organizations.

That is also what we want to achieve with TeamNow. We believe that every company deserves its own breakthrough and TeamNow contributes to this by improving team performance, optimizing cooperation and allowing you to focus on value creation.

Inspiration from IT classics.

Of course we continue to continuously develop TeamNow. New levels, new environments, new challenges. In addition, we want to expand the cooperation aspect even further. Currently, TeamNow is mainly focused on improving the predictability and speed of teams. The next step is collaboration and value creation. That is also the reason that we developed the airplane game. We not only visualize progress and performance, but also stimulate the teams to work better together. In the game you will see the plane change from a historic Fokker to an ultramodern jet fighter. We are also working on golf courses and football simulations.  

We come from the IT world and this is also where our inspiration comes from to further develop TeamNow. Our world is of course very Agile driven and you can see that in the game. In fact, TeamNow is ideal for any organization that wants to optimize its Agile workflow. In addition, there are of course also the classics such as The Phoenix Project and its successor The Unicorn Project that expose the connection between business and IT in a great way. You can see all these core brands in TeamNow.  

"Never seen such a mature product."

I am proud of two parts. First of all, the game side of TeamNow. There are more solutions and providers in the world that visualize the progress of projects and teams. However, the level of gamification that we link to this is unprecedented in the market. It's completely different from the alternatives and that's what makes it so much fun. We also hear this from the market. It is the gamification in particular that ensures that we achieve results much faster. It is just fun to play and therefore you get the noses in the same direction much faster.

In addition, I am also very proud of the impact we make. That a party like Microsoft is our customer and even actively promote us as an OCP partner (One Commercial Partner) in our own network. They even had an audit carried out by their lead architect and this resulted in conclusions such as “Never seen such a mature product”, “An example for other partners in terms of architecture” and “Nice combination of dashboarding and gamification.” Of course that makes us happy! But the large SMEs or parties such as Allego have also achieved wonderful results via TeamNow. That's what you do it for, of course.

Especially now that we all (have to) work from home, it is important to keep an overview and to monitor the management of behavior. Everyone wishes to flourish as a manager. Or as we call it: to become the Ultimate Superstar Manager! I hope that TeamNow can make a nice contribution to this.

Are you convinced and do you want to investigate whether TeamNow can also be of value within your organization? Request a free demo on www.teamnow.nl or contact me on 06 55 38 42 41. I would like to visit you for a (virtual) cup of coffee.

Stay safe, stay home

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Now that we all work more from home, it is extra difficult to keep an overview, monitor progress and be able to manage team performance. That is why we now offer TeamNow for free. For three months!

Play it safe. Play it simple.

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Stay safe, stay home

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Nu we allemaal meer vanuit huis werken is het extra lastig om overzicht te houden, de voortgang te bewaken en te kunnen sturen op teamprestaties. Daarom bieden wij TeamNow nu drie maanden gratis aan.

Play it safe. Play it simple.

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