Create high performance teams with TeamNow

The ultimate management game to monitor and improve your team performance.

You're working Agile. You've got the right people in the right place. Everyone's got clear tasks and responsibilities. However: the results aren't there. Sounds familiair?

We often see a focus on revenue, while the real gain is in structural behaviour. That's why we make behaviour measurable and provide you with clear insights to drive your business. Increase team velocity, prevent unplanned work and improve the output quality with TeamNow!

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High performance teams
Increase team spirit
Monitor team progress
Team prestations
Gamify your Agile workflow

“Nice combination of dashboarding and gamification!”
“Never seen such an mature product”

Hunor Kovacs

"I am no longer on the 'what', but more on the 'why'. I can now focus much better on results."

Jan Jansen

"I am no longer thinking what we do, but why we do the things we do. I can keep my focus way better on the results."

Marc Diks

“The perfect combination of dashboarding and gamification! I have never seen such a mature product.”

Hunor Kovacs

A proven management game

The ideal quick start for your Agile workflow.

TeamNow is the ultimate management game for big companies and organisations to improve team performances based on real-time insights. Increase the predictability of your teams. Increase the velocity, improve collaboration and work towards High Performance. The different levels and mini-games of TeamNow can be applied to every business case. Also yours.

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Gamification as energy accelerator

Stimulate cooperation and increase team spirit.

Gamification makes collaboration and achieving goals even more fun! But it's more than just playing a game. Gamification makes it easier to discuss, give and receive feedback. It influences positive behaviour, cooperation and team spirit.

The aspect of gamification ensures much faster results. It's fun to play and it gets all team members fully aligned: reaching for the same goals.

I want more team insights!

Manage team KPIs and business value

Understand where behaviour is coming from.

A clear view of the progress and performance of your teams in one screen. The game is fully trackable. Find out why tasks are running out, where delays occur and how unplanned work influences the project. It makes it way more effective to steer on business value.

Unlock your data goldmine!

How does it work? Easy. Plug & Play.

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Create High Performance teams!

Work hard. Play harder!

Real-time insight into the progress, velocity and output of your teams.
Expose weak spots in a fun way and solve problems together.
Encourage collaboration between team members and other teams.
Steer onKPI's and business value from the intuitive management dashboard.
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Now that we all work more from home, it is extra difficult to keep an overview, monitor progress and be able to manage team performance.

Play it safe. Play it simple.

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Let's play!